Congress Invitation

Rethinking School and Educational Administration
We are pleased to invite you to the 16th International Congress on Educational Administration (ICEA), which is organized by Başkent University Faculty of Education and Educational Administration Research and Development Association (EARDA) collaboratively. For 16 years, ICEA has established its own tradition as a platform where knowledge generated in educational administration and other related fields is discussed, shared, and published. Since 2014, it has embarked on the path of establishing an international researcher network and has started to become a platform, to which the globally leading researchers of the field significantly contribute. As a part of the internationalization approach of our congress, leading scientists in the field of educational administration and related fields participated in our congress and made different kinds of contributions.
The global pace of change fundamentally affects schools as open social systems, forcing them for structural and functional transformation. In recent years, the speed and dimensions of the change in the external environment of the school (such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, rapid change in information and communication technologies, and deepening social inequalities) have put the schools into a crisis and rightly, the expectations from the researchers in the field of educational administration have increased in addressing the crises. This rightful expectation has urged the researchers of the field to question the field itself and makes it necessary to rethink the boundaries and scope of the field of educational administration in theory and practice. Educational administration theories and practitioners, who should have a fundamental role in the development of education systems and policy-making, are expected to put forward new orientations and perspectives. Within the complex nature of the field of educational administration, considering its impact and functionality for the educational policy-making and leadership, the values ​​that need to be preserved in the local context and the effort to catch up with the changes in the world at the universal level should be handled together.
As the field members, our efforts to answer the epistemological and ontological issues and questions such as the nature and quality of the knowledge-base in the field of educational administration, the originality and quality of research and scientific methods used, the relationship between theory and practice, and the potential to be a solution to the problems in practice endure. Rethinking the concept of school and the field of educational administration is important and inevitable in terms of constructing a new school and educational administration approach that can provide the qualifications required by today’s changes. In this context, our congress theme this year has been determined as “Rethinking the School and Educational Administration”. We will be happy to see our colleagues, researchers, practitioners and students through their contribution and participation at the 16th International Congress of Educational Administration which will be held at Başkent Öğretmenevi in Ankara, Türkiye between 28-30 April 2023.